Among my travels, most are circular. Now to settle in and look back requires me to be able to see around corners. The brain uses the same pathways to access memories as it does to imagine the future. This cannot be trusted. There is always the hope we will learn from our experiences, as we ponder our scars, our skid marks, pick up the shards of broken glass. What we learn is tainted by our thought habits. I have never learned to avoid flying into the flame. I adore the heat, the colors and the way everything around it wavers and becomes transcendent.


Watching the water flow trains your eyes to see the motion as standard, when you avert your gaze; stationary objects take on the flow of the river. Watching the flames rise, licking ever upwards, reaching for the sky, again your eyes, your brain maybe, becomes accustomed to the motion. Look away and everything is rising, flowing upwards to the heavens. If you stare into the abyss, eventually your brain accommodates the perspective, look away and even small joys will plummet to the depths of despair.

You must be careful with what you let your attention dwell on. It can be habit forming, really. Or it can just alter your perception in such innocuous ways. Stare at something green long enough and when you look away you will see red. Remember to blink, remember to breathe. Remember to suddenly become aware of where you are when you are there. Then teach yourself to look around and find at least one detail that makes you glad you have senses.

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